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Lauren Culbert 

Bikini Fitness Competitor

"I was recommended posing lessons with the one and only Diana Kelleher by other bikini girls I was friends with. I had followed her on social media for a while and had always admired her as a person! She has placed many times in competitions but not only for her amazing physique but for her presence on stage and posing skills! As it was my first time competing I wanted my posing to be perfect! There's no point doing all the hard work with training and diet if you can't nail your posing. I obviously was completely useless to start off and looked like an awkward giraffe clumping around in high heels, uncomfortably smiling trying to look as natural as possible, we laughed a lot but her patience and persistence had my posing practice nailed in time for my competition! I placed 4th out of 13 amazing girls in my first ever competition! Although I doubted myself, she believed in me and this gave me the little boost of confidence I needed. I travelled 2 and a half hours for each posing lesson with Diana and it was so worth it! I honestly couldn't have picked a better coach! From the moment I met her I fell in love with her! The most down to earth girl you could ever meet! She made me feel completely at ease from the very 1st session! After a few months, Diana wasn't just my posing coach anymore, she became a great friend who I completely adore and love with all my heart! Such a beautiful person who is still there whenever I need her or if I'm unsure about things during prep! Could not recommend her enough to any other girls thinking of taking part in their first bikini competition." 

Debbie Barber,

Diana Kelleher Fitness Posing Client

When I decided to compete in NIFMA at the ripe old age of 40 I needed a lot of help with my confidence! I had been following Diana through her own successful journey as a Bikini athlete for a few years and she was one of my main inspirations. So I reached out to her for help with my posing/ stage presence.


Even after my first hour with her, I gained so much body confidence and knowledge! After a few more sessions I felt ready to hit that stage! I would not have brought such a great package and won trophies without her expertise & guidance. I got on that stage thinking I was Pamela Anderson haha!  


Diana also helped me for a second competition later on that year, and was HUGE support during the lead up with advice on everything .all things nutrition & training (as I was prepping myself)..and helped me with a bikini emergency on the day, so more trophies were won!! 


I definitely don't think I would have achieved all I did without her behind me as a posing coach and now as a good friend, and I'd highly recommend Diana as a coach.


Mom of Three

“I've had the pleasure of working with Diana of 2 separate occasions. The first occasion was in 2014 when I had just had my first child and wanted to get back in shape. Then also in 2019 three children later I decided to once again get back into fitness and who better to go to than Diana. My first experience with Diana was so positive I was looking forward to starting again. I found my confidence again and couldn't believe when I actually fitted into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I looked and felt better than ever. Diana supported me completely, far more than what I would have ever expected from a coach. She is a coach who truly cares.


Get Inspired by Real People Diana has worked with.

Elaine Brooks 

Youghal, Cork

"After years of struggling with my body, a negative mindset and a very bad relationship with food, I finally conquered my fear and asked for help when my health was beginning to suffer after a year of severe anorexia.  From the moment I contacted Diana, she put all my fears and reluctance at bay. She understood me from the word go and set a plan in action to help me physically and mentally. She eased me into my recovery, took all my food fears into consideration and gave me a diet plan that suited me and wouldn't scare me or shock my body. She worked quietly behind the scenes tweaking my food and fitness plans weekly, and day by day I started progressing and knew my road to recovery was in a full swing when I began to enjoy food again and most importantly when I started socialising again with friends without fearing food and drinks.
A year has passed and although I still have some demons, I can safely say that if I hadn't contacted Diana, I don't like to think where I would be.
She's more than a coach, she's literally a lifesaver and I cannot thank her enough for all she helped me with during the most difficult phase of my young adult life.

She's my hero" 


Cork City

" I came to Diana for a 6 week online programme when I felt I was at my worst physically. I couldn't get motivated and struggled severely with the food element of my lifestyle. Diana paired it back to basics for me giving me a realistic food plan coupled with a workout regime. I knew I got it good with Diana when she told me some home truths in a motivational way and that was the kickstart I needed. Week in week out Diana never failed to push me, test me and motivate me. What I enjoyed most was not the 2 stone I lost, but how Diana was always there. If I had a question or if I was having a bad day, Diana was always available to lend an ear and give phenomenal advice. She is always cheerful and each week when I checked in I came away beaming with delight after talking to Diana where new goals would be set, the workout would be changed as would the food. The food plan was easy to stick to because firstly there was so much food in the plan and secondly it was food I liked. Diana took the time to listen to my likes and dislikes, what I had access to in terms of the gym equipment and she devised a tailored programme for me. This was the start for me to become fitter, stronger and healthier and I can only thank Diana for the time she invested in me. The online programme without a doubt changed my life. Diana is an absolute inspiration to me and I am glad we crossed paths". 


County Cork

Exercising, fitness and general wellbeing have always been part of my life. To be honest, there have been times when I've struggled with my fitness and weight as I have always fell back into the same sluggish routines and coming up with excuses. Going to the gym used to make me feel intimidated as I didn't really know what to do or how to use the gym equipment properly. 


Last year, I decided right that's that and started the fitness programme and nutritional plan with Diana and haven't looked back since. Diana is very supportive and tailor's plan around you and your lifestyle. To say that she's extremely approachable and responsive would be an understatement as she makes you feel like she's with you every step of the way. 


When I first joined Diana's programme, I was nervous and was convinced that I was going to make a fool out of myself. The food, the sheer amount of food that I could actually eat and should be eating along with my training regime blew my mind. I've learnt that fitness and happiness in yourself are about finding the right balance, it's not all about the scales and I no longer feel like I don't know what I am doing. I now live a happy relationship with food too which I struggled with for many years especially after having 2 kids. 


My advice is to anyone that is looking at wanting to change bad habits and wants to live a healthier lifestyle, get in touch with Diana as it's not about the stereotypical gym scene and blown out of proportion Instagram six-pack abs; it's about looking after your body and mind. 


There's now even a community of clients created that can share their own stories and inform others of their progress which is a great tool to see how others are progressing and to discuss your own goals. So what if you do occasionally make an eejit of yourself, just get out and become more active, you will reap the benefits. 


I couldn’t recommend DKFitness enough! #Fitlife #ThankyouDiana

PHONE: 085 1702875

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ADDRESS: Cork, Ireland

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